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Poslab Technology Corporation was founded in 2005. We are young with full of energy and creativity company. As a dedicated Pos System manufacturer, Poslab is proud to offer not only the X-86 and ARM hardware solution but also Android and Wince software platform.


Within only few years, Poslab’s products line has spread from designs and developments of POS to motherboard, touch monitor, POS peripherals and industrial PDA. With 40% of increase every year on the sales, we, Poslab have solid and become well know our brand name worldwide.

In 2009, Poslab has launched Wavepos50 and Wavepos80 series which received high consideration. Then on 2011 we have announced the first ANDROID POS solution in the world. This year, 2013, we have also launched the first hardware solution DYNAMIC POS, which runs under Windows also Android. It was a spotlight at Embbeded world show in German and in Retail Tech in Japan. Many of the buyers from worldwide and famous IT companies were amazed by this product.


Poslab not only provide products with high-quality performance also durability, technology, stylish and user-friendly interface. All terminals are with its own unique design and elegant operating experiences which can satisfy all the requirements of perfectionist.


Poslab creates many new records including the world first Android POS. Comparing with the X-86 solution .Android POS is more competitive in price. In 2009 Computex exhibition, Google head office also paid high attention on this terminal. In 2008, the first combination of nano paint technology in the industry giving a whole new life of POS terminal .which make POS not just a cold machine, but also can be used with customer demand, fully integrated into the environment